Oxfam, in partnership with the African Human Rights Network, convened a two-day workshop titled "Digital Social Movements Networking and Capacity Enhancement" from the 8th to 9th of May 2024 at Jangwani sea breeze in Tanzania. This paper aims to elucidate the workshop's scope, key insights,

The workshop commenced with an engaging introduction designed to stimulate creative thinking. Participants were prompted to participate in a word puzzle activity, wherein they constructed words using their surnames and the names of their capital cities. This exercise provided a conducive environment for deep thinking and primed attendees for an interactive session. Additionally, the introduction included a check-in to gauge the emotional state of everyone present and encouraged sharing of personal experiences related to their respective countries. Some of the issues shared encompassed insecurities, electoral concerns, weather extremes, economic challenges, privatization of water resources, and the lowering of the legal marital age for young girls.

Following the sharing of these pertinent issues, participants were divided into two groups for a detailed analysis using problem tree diagrams. This activity served as an enlightening experience, allowing participants to critically assess the underlying causes of the identified problems. It also prompted reflection on whether activists, in their endeavors, effectively target root causes or inadvertently focus too heavily on surface-level impacts.