The Regional Exchange Program 2024 is a co-designed in-person meeting coordinated by the Africa Human Rights Network (AHRN) Foundation based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania in partnership with MAAN from Lebanon and Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) from Palestine

The program meeting took place in Tanzania, Dar es salaam from 21st -25th February 2024 at Jangwani Beach Hotel engaged 20 Tanzanians, Lebanese, and Palestinian young activists. The theme for the program was “Empowering Young Activists for a Change”. The program involved young activists with diverse backgrounds who all together advocate for social change and their activism amplifies creation of thriving peaceful and sustainable communities.

The main focus of the regional meeting for young activists from different sectors and regions was to connect, learn and discuss their current issues and challenges and attempt to come up with interventions, campaigns, or initiatives to work on together.

The program delved into Feminist movements, exploring the advocacy for gender equality, dismantling gender-based stereotypes, and advancing the rights of women and non-binary individuals. Another vital area of exploration was youth participation in politics and decision-making processes, recognizing the importance of engaging young people in shaping their communities' governance, policies, and societal advancements.

The program addressed the crucial topic of marginalized group participation in politics and other spaces, aiming to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, address systemic barriers, and advocate for inclusive representation across various spheres of influence.